Importance of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps individuals recover from illnesses, injuries and medical conditions allowing them to move and function. A physiotherapist creates a personalized treatment plan as per the needs of the patient. Such a plan can help individuals return to their prior level of functioning and also help promote independence. Learn what Physiotherapy is like.

Physiotherapy has many associated benefits.

Here are five reasons why Physiotherapy is important:

1. Can help reduce or eliminate pain: Therapeutic exercises and techniques can help restore muscle and joint function and help alleviate pain. This can include manual exercises, ultrasound, taping or electrical stimulation. A Physiotherapist can also teach techniques to patients that help prevent the pain from coming back.

2. Improve mobility: As one age, they may have trouble standing or walking. Physiotherapy can help restore strength in the muscles and help with mobility-related issues. A Physiotherapist also educates patients on how to properly use devices such as canes and crutches. Each treatment plan is personalized to fit the needs of the patient.

3. Recovery after surgery or stroke: When one has surgery or a stroke, there may be a loss of function and movement after it. Physiotherapy can help strengthen specific body parts to help regain balance and movement. A Physiotherapist can teach patients how to move easier in their daily functions such as getting out of bed, bathing and dressing. This also helps the patients become more independent and helps promotes healthy living.

4. Prevent falls and improve balance: As one age, there is an increased risk of having a fall. Falls can be dangerous to seniors as the impact can be more and recovery prolonged. In the treatment plan, a Physiotherapist will provide customized exercises that will mimic real-life situations. This will help educate the patient on how to not only prevent a fall but also be better prepared if it does occur.

5. Avoid surgery: A doctor may prescribe physical therapy if one has chronic pain. Chronic pain can be caused by several illnesses that may require surgery. However, if Physiotherapy can help reduce or eliminate the pain, then surgery may no longer be necessary.